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In the spirit of Earlwood’s country location and the natural harmony we want you to get from your life here, we are keeping things simple and open.

Your plot will be connected to water, electrical and internet services, making it easy for your builder to connect. Some lots will also be connected to sewerage. You then have the freedom to choose how you want to set those services up, including eco-friendly systems to reduce the impact on your new natural surroundings.

Electrical services at Earlwood


All lots within Earlwood have electrical services available from a pillar box which is located adjacent to the front corner boundary of each lot. Capacity is available for low and high voltage connection.

Water services at Earlwood


All lots have potable water services supplied by Hunter Water Corporation. The potable water services are installed to just inside the lot boundary ready for your plumber to connect into and install the meter.

Internet at Earlwood


All lots have Telstra communication services which are available from a service pillar adjacent to the front boundary of each lot. A PVC communications conduit is installed to 2.5m inside the lot boundary to avoid disturbance of the road verge.

Sewerage services at Earlwood


Lots in stage 1 have a standard sewer connection which runs along the rear of each lot. For lots in Stage 2 and also 3-6, you will be required to install an on-site sewerage treatment system.

An effluent disposal irrigation area of a minimum of 425m2 is available.

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